What’s happened to the woods?

We went for a walk to the woods today. I hadn’t been there for a while and was flabbergasted when we got there, as in place of the usual muddy, leave strewn paths was a blue carpet. What was going on? I ran onto the carpet and it was lovely and soft to run on. MrsB looked at the individual bits of it and seemed pleased when she commented to MrB that they were ‘native’. Don’t know what she meant but I had a great play in it, though I missed tossing all the dead leaves in the air as I raced through them.



Then after the play in the woods I raced down to the pond for a paddle after all my exertions. I was just wading in when MrsB called me out. What? I’ve only just got in! She sounded serious though and called me again so as slowly as I could I waded out, hoping she would change her mind. But no – she clipped my lead onto my harness and led me away! No swim? As I grumpily left the pond I glanced across it and saw 2 huge white birds.  One was sitting on a pile of twigs and stuff and the other was in the water seeming to guard it’s friend and her comfy bed. Perhaps that’s why I was called away from my much longed for swim?   


Hey ho, it was a great walk; I met a very handsome chocolate lab who chased me round and round the field, but he was no match for me – he couldn’t keep up! He thought he was ‘fit’ but no – past his prime and a little over weight I’d say. Still, I gave him a run for his money and when we got home I flopped down under my favourite tree for a nap. It’s currently covered in a pink blanket but last year lots of yummy fruits dropped off it so I’m hoping if I keep sitting under it they might drop off again. Mmm….time for a snooze….zzzzzzz.  


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